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  Cats After Anaesthesia
Cats after anesthesia...    Download     Update

  Charlie's Atlas
In this very short kid's movie, Charlie (?) puts some fireworks in a coke bottle and lights it pretends its a real rocket! We then cut to some nasa footage of rocket travel. Then Charlie thinks about lighting 2 at the same time! Then, um, thats it (Hey it's only 3 minutes). Cute, but somewhat lacking a really definite story.    Download     Update

  Steel: A Symphony of Industry
This informative film takes us on a tour of the hellish interior of a steel mill to show us the "thrilling spectacle" of steel production. Lots of sparks fly as we're shown the "vast" mill where "mountains" of raw material are turned into steel at a "magnitude" that is almost impossible to comprehend. "Look at that polish!" the narrator cries as a sheet of stainless rolls off the line. "Perhaps destined for some swanky cocktail bar!" Not as well-produced as a Jam Handy film, but fun to watch and chock full of blatant corporate misinformation. "Hazardous? Frightful danger on this job? Not at all!!!"    Download     Update

  Brink of Disaster - Part II (1972)
How 1960s activism "threatens" American moral, religious and ethical principles.    Download     Update