Total Recut provides online resources and social networking opportunities for fans and creators of video recuts, remixes and mash-ups. Users can watch videos or showcase their own work in the galleries, download copyright free source material to use in their own remix projects, learn about remix culture and copyright issues, undertake instructional video tutorials and enter contests to win prizes or just for fun.

Video recuts are short videos, usually found online, that remix found footage from various sources in new ways to create different interpretations and alternative meanings. The facilities and resources on this site are implemented utilising a wiki social network environment whereby registered users can add to and modify almost all content on the site e.g. submit videos to the galleries, rate, comment, update details, flag inappropriate content. Video recuts have become extremely popular on the web since video sharing networks like YouTube gave people the ability to broadcast their work to a potentially large audience for free.

Total Recut is a one stop shop for all things remixed. Users can browse, search and watch the latest recuts, enter competitions to win prizes and acclaim, use online video tutorials to improve their remixing skills, find out about and contact other remix artists and download copyright-free source material to use in their own work.

We hope that you enjoy watching the recuts that have been collected here and that you will create your own and add them to our site. Enter Contests! Win Prizes! But above all, keep remixing!