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Killer Apps, Conflicting Law: Remixing Compensation

2012-11-24 10:58:50        Posted by: ragaman7        Category: Other


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Russian Movie Archive

2012-11-24 11:00:35        Posted by: ragaman7        Category: Other


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Silence! I Kill You!

2011-08-17 01:55:27        Posted by: ragaman7        Category: Other

Recently, there have been a number of incicents where the Total Recut gallery has been hijacked by various spammers posting completely unrelated content and clogging up the system. I am calling for silence from the spammers and offer this video as a token of my more please! Spam somewhere else.    UPDATE

New Total Recut Facebook Group

2008-12-20 23:57:24        Posted by: ragaman7        Category: Other has created a Facebook group. Feel free to join and add things to it.    UPDATE

Last.Fm Campaign for Better Music

2007-09-26 21:50:03        Posted by: ragaman7        Category: Other

Last.Fm is launching a new program designed to help independent musicians use the Internet to jump start their careers. The campaign will focus on teaching up-and-coming artists how to produce, promote, and distribute their music on the Web. has already established itself as a popular site within the online music world, but the company hopes that through initiatives such as its “Hype Chart,” which is being published in industry publication Music Week, it can cross over into the mainstream. Now that is part of CBS, I would expect more initiatives that make use of the tremendous amount of music data the site collects. Many artists have successfully used MySpace to launch their careers, so it makes sense for to focus specifically on up-and-coming talent. For artists interested in learning more about the initiative, has setup a blog, “Now Form A Band.” [Thanks to]     UPDATE

Posting from the Mobile Web 2

2008-10-15 23:04:03        Posted by: Mobile Web        Category: Other

And if your phone has a camera, you can take a snap and upload it to the Blog in seconds for real time updates. Feel free to post from your mobile: Click Here





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