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Top 10 Obama / Romney Remixes

2012-11-24 10:56:45        Posted by: ragaman7        Category: Movies/TV

1. Obama Vs Romney Debate Remix – Eclectic Method – Oct. 2012

2. Eminem ?Barack Obama Feat Mitt Romney? The Real Slim Shady ? Remix – Espaco Rap – May 2012

3. Video 99 Problems Butt Mitt Ain’t One Obama 99 Problems Remix. call me maybe – BossNews13 – Sept. 2012

4. Original remix: Obama V Romney – ManarMaher2 – Oct. 2012

5. Obama Vs. Romney REMIX- Auto-tuned Singing – TICUMD – Feb. 2012

6. “I Agree” 2012 Presidential Debate Remix – TheJokerSpeaks – Oct. 2012

7. Binders Full Of Women (Mitt Romney Remix) – The Melker Project – scottmelker – Oct. 2012

8. Michelle Obama Vs. Ann Romney – Move Your Butt (Just Like That) Noy Alooshe Remix – NoyAloosheOfficial – Oct. 2012

9. Obama Romney – GANGNAM STYLE – ItsOnBTV – Oct. 2012

10. Mitt Romney endorses President Barack Obama! – 2012 – OrbitalCafe – Apr. 2011



Lawrence Lessig - Rootstrikers

2012-11-24 11:01:20        Posted by: ragaman7        Category: Movies/TV


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Food Fight!

2008-04-18 16:51:34        Posted by: ragaman7        Category: Movies/TV

Continuing in Boing Boing tv's week-long "best of" retrospective, a pair of surreal shorts about food and drink, from filmmaker Stefan Nadelman of

First, "Food Fight," a stop-animation piece that provides an abridged history of war, told through the foods of the countries in conflict. Next, "My Dog Impersonating Orson Welles," in which a pooch clutches a bottle of champagne, and attempts to form sentences. [from BoingBoing.TV]    UPDATE

Tim Robbins Attacks Television

2008-04-17 16:10:33        Posted by: ragaman7        Category: Movies/TV

Even as he came on stage to give the keynote address at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas, it was obvious that Tim Robbins' remarks had caused controversy backstage. The Academy Award-winning actor and critically acclaimed screenwriter, director and producer first indicated to the audience that he would not be giving his speech. Then, floor agents of the NAB organizers ordered journalists' video cameras turned off. An NAB spokesman later said Mr. Robbins contract had a "no filming" clause. Ultimately, Mr. Robbins changed his mind and started talking. [from AdAge - by Hoag Levins]    UPDATE

Ultimate Star Wars Fan Movie?

2008-03-26 16:14:36        Posted by: aoife        Category: Movies/TV

It's 1998 and Star Wars fanboys across the globe eagerly await the release of Episode I. But for Eric, Linus, Hutch and Windows the term "fanboys" is more than just a title, it's a badge of honor. Spurred by impatience and an undying loyalty to their cause, these former high school friends reunite to undertake the road trip of their fan-tasies. Traveling West across the country to visit their Mecca - George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch - the plan is to break in, steal the film and stake their claim as the first fanboys in history to watch it. But to secure their place in the fanboy hall of fame, they'll have to contend with bizarre bikers, a crazy pimp, a deranged group of Trekkies and the quiet intensity of William Shatner...Ernie Cline has written what he considers to be the Ultimate Star Wars Fan movie in 'Fanboys.'    UPDATE

Legal South Park Video Streams

2008-03-25 14:39:03        Posted by: ragaman7        Category: Movies/TV

South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have just relaunched their South Park Studios website with Comedy Central and you can stream and watch everyu episode from all of the show's 12 seasons for free. The creators decided to do this because they were sick of having to download their own shows from Bittorrent or YouTube so they gave themselves a legal alternative.    UPDATE

Defeat for Media Democracy

2008-03-05 01:49:18        Posted by: ragaman7        Category: Movies/TV

On Monday, February 18, Adbusters lost its court battle against two of Canada's television networks that refused to sell airtime for its commercials. Adbusters claimed the CBC and Canwest Global had violated its right to free speech under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by refusing to sell air time, but the court decided that the Charter does not apply to private corporations.

"It's outrageous that the fast food, oil and automobile industries can buy as much TV time as they want in order to promote their agendas, but citizens are not allowed to talk back," said Adbusters Editor-in-Chief Kalle Lasn in response to the ruling. "Canadian democracy will not work properly until we the people have the same right to buy airtime as corporations do."

The rejected Adbusters ads pointed out that over 50 percent of the calories in a Big Mac come from fat, called for an end to the age of the automobile, and promoted Buy Nothing Day. While Court Justice William Ehrcke ruled that private broadcasters have the right to run whatever ads they like, Adbusters feels the case raises some troubling questions.

Firstly, why are Canwest and the CBC selling as much time as they possibly can to corporations, while fighting expensive legal actions to keep citizen-produced messages off the air? Why does the CBC call itself "Canada's Public Broadcaster" if they won't sell airtime to citizens?

Secondly, why is the CRTC not standing up for public access? When they grant licences to broadcasters, why is the right of Canadian citizens to access their own "public" airwaves not being guaranteed? Thirdly, why is our freedom of speech being suppressed? Why can corporations buy airtime while citizens cannot? Why doesn't the Canadian Charter apply to the most powerful social communications medium of our age - television?

"This case goes to the very heart of what our democracy is all about," says Lasn. "A healthy society allows its citizens to walk into their local TV stations and buy airtime under the same rules and conditions that corporations do. Adbusters has been given 30 days to challenge the ruling. This legal battle for media democracy will go on." [from]     UPDATE

BBC Courts MySpace

2008-01-24 09:42:56        Posted by: ragaman7        Category: Movies/TV

The Beeb has decided to partner with MySpaceTV to offer many short form clips of their most popular shows to users of the Rupert Murdoch owned social networking site. Following recent deals with YouTube, the BBC have decided to court the second most popular video sharing network in the world and provide their content online to potential users...    UPDATE

The Office BBC Episode 4 Training Song

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MTV to Offer South Park For Free

2007-11-29 13:15:47        Posted by: ragaman7        Category: Movies/TV

MTV have seen the potential benefits of offering content for free online as the success of the Daily Show has demonstrated. This move might put all of the many South Park for free sites out of commission, but the move is not planned until next year...    UPDATE

CSI's Second Life?

2007-10-15 10:10:38        Posted by: ragaman7        Category: Movies/TV

Deals have been struck between the makers of hit TV show CSI and Linden Labs, creators of Second Life. The popular TV show has arranged for Second Life to be mentioned in one of its upcoming shows, to direct its viewers to the virtual world. There is an interesting crossover here between mainstream media and non-mainstream. Users of Second Life will be directed to watch the Tv show of CSI and fans of the show will be encouraged to join Second Life. Linden Labs is going from strength to strength...    UPDATE

Visions of the Future

2007-10-04 17:48:19        Posted by: ragaman7        Category: Movies/TV

Boing Boing have launched their new Internet TV channel with two very interesting episodes both released under Creative Commons licences. We await the next episode with bated breath...    UPDATE

Transformers the Movie (2007)

2007-08-30 23:53:58        Posted by: ragaman7        Category: Movies/TV

I've beeen waiting for this for a long time. It's been worth the wait. I relived my childhood in a cinema screen. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Starscream, Megatron...Good times. My childhood heroes have been revamped and updated for the 21st century. ("We learned your languages from the world wide web" - Optimus Prime.) This film will blow you away. Michael Bay has managed to not destroy an ideal of a robotic alien father figure from a planet called Cybertron. This is brilliant. 5/5     UPDATE




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