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  Charlie Chaplin's "Sunnyside" (1919)
Sunnyside is a 1919 short silent film written, directed and starring Charlie Chaplin. It was his third film for First National Films.     Download     Update

  Charlie Chaplin's "Behind The Screen" (1916)
Behind the Screen, a short film written and directed by Charlie Chaplin also starring Eric Campbell and Edna Purviance. In the film which takes place in a movie studio, Chaplin plays a stagehand named David while Campbell ("Goliath") plays his supervisor.    Download     Update

  Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928)
Steamboat Bill, Jr. is the story of a naive, college-educated dandy who must prove himself to his working-class father, a hot-headed riverboat captain, while courting the daughter of his father's rival, who threatens to put Steamboat Bill, Sr. and his pad    Download     Update

  The Phantom Of The Opera (1929)
The most commonly available version, this release is visual-only representation with musical accompaniment) of the 1929 sound reissue for foreign markets (note that the title sequence and Carlotta's performance as Marguerite are shot at sound speed of 24     Download     Update