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  Which Way This Time? (1943)
Shows how disastrous inflation during and after World War II was prevented by government controls. Depicts the depressions and misery that post-war inflations have caused.    Download     Update

Pre-movie notice asking patrons to be quiet during the film, with a sphinx head in the background...    Download     Update

  What About Prejudice? (1959)
Pioneering film that encourages youth to look into themselves for the causes of prejudice.    Download     Update

  Capitalism (1947)
A group of teenagers on a high-school radio program discuss just what capitalism is, seizing onto the example of the butcher who supplies the weenies for their picnic. With Mickey Hugh (Ray Bennett); Franklyn Ferguson (John Howell). Educational Collaborator: James Harvey Dodd, Ph.D., Head, Department of Economics and Business Administration, Mary Washington College, University of Virginia.    Download     Update