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Pre-movie notice asking patrons to be quiet during the film, with a sphinx head in the background...    Download     Update

  What About Prejudice? (1959)
Pioneering film that encourages youth to look into themselves for the causes of prejudice.    Download     Update

  Capitalism (1947)
A group of teenagers on a high-school radio program discuss just what capitalism is, seizing onto the example of the butcher who supplies the weenies for their picnic. With Mickey Hugh (Ray Bennett); Franklyn Ferguson (John Howell). Educational Collaborator: James Harvey Dodd, Ph.D., Head, Department of Economics and Business Administration, Mary Washington College, University of Virginia.    Download     Update

  Time is Life (1949)
In this overwrought, but effective, 1950 film, Mary Bronsen lays awake at night while her family sleeps. She thinks she may have the symptoms of cancer. She gets up and looks at herself in the mirror thinking about how cancer grows and grows . . . . its a horror that never stops. This film is made in the postwar fear vernacular. Here, cancer is as bad (and as insidious) as communism. Any anyone could have it. We meet a selection of Marys neighbors looking nervously into the window of the American Cancer Society office on Main Street. They too, could be harboring cancer. Its everywhere, hidden and menacing, just like the Red Threat. Fortunately, Mary decides to get treatment. Lets hope its a false alarm.     Download     Update